Why consensual rape fantasy is popular among men and women?

The Forbidden Kink There are a lot of sexual fantasies in the world as everyone wants to explore their sexuality to make their love life more fulfilling and entertaining. Some people have a foot fetish while some like their partner to urinate on them. Various fantasies are very unique or considered as a taboo in [...]

Tall Escorts

The Taller Sugar Baby, the Better On the off chance if you have long been craving to have sex with a beautiful lady, then look no further than the Tall Escorts of Spirit Escort who are renowned throughout Germany for their tempting hot figures and stunning nature. Our tall escort models will make your dick [...]

Which body type is most appreciated by men

The Mystery of the Perfect Body While people may say that the face or the heart of the person attracts another human being, there are many who refute this claim as for them body is the first preference. These people have a specific type of body that they like and claim that the opposite gender [...]

6 best movies to watch with your GFE escort

6 best movies to watch with your GFE escort The Pride of Germany Cologne is a city which is known for many things throughout the world. From the famous River Rhine to the vibrant nightlife, you will find everything in this city which makes it a dreamland for all sorts of tourists. Apart from the [...]

Cruising with your international escort at river Rhine

The Pride of Deutschland If you want to experience something unique and extraordinary then you should go on a cruise with a beautiful Escort Cologne at the River Rhine. River cruises have become one of the most famous activities for tourists who want to experience something new and the cruises at River Rhine offer a [...]

Coolest hairstyles for men to attract women

Cool Hair Means More Chicks Today, every guy is as concerned about his look to the female gender. Many believe that the key to capture the attention of other women is a perfect haircut! However, not everyone can rock every style which brings us to the question that which type of cut is best for [...]

How online culture has become popular in Cologne during Covid-19

The Economy Shattering Pandemic No one expected life to come at a halt in 2020. This was seen as the year which was going to usher a new era but instead of doing that, we are now trying to adjust to a new way of living due to the coronavirus pandemic that has spread in [...]

Eight Ways To Have Great Sex In The Heatwave

It’s summertime and sex is on your mind but you’re not quite sure if you want to be banging with a sweaty body or have sweat drip down your body and face and it’s not a great sight too, the heat in Cologne especially if the heatwave hits, it may be pretty harsh. But one [...]