Cruising with your international escort at river Rhine

The Pride of Deutschland

If you want to experience something unique and extraordinary then you should go on a cruise with a beautiful Escort Cologne at the River Rhine. River cruises have become one of the most famous activities for tourists who want to experience something new and the cruises at River Rhine offer a unique perspective of its classic destinations. There is no doubt in the fact that the mighty Rhine River is one of the most popular destinations when it comes to river cruises. Before we tell you about the amazing things you could do on a cruise with a beautiful eye candy, who can be your tour guide throughout your trip, we would like to tell you about the illustrious history of River Rhine. The name of the river is derived from a Celtic word “renos” which means raging flood. The starting point of the river is the Swiss Alps but it connects many countries which has increased its strategic importance more than ever. With such an amazing history of the river, it was inevitable that it will have legends of its own. One of the most discussed and renowned tales of the river is the legend of a beautiful maiden called Lorelei who drowned in the river for the sake of her love and transformed into a mermaid. The legend says that she uses her beauty and seductiveness to lure many sailors to mysterious deaths while their accessories sink to the riverbed. There is also a statue in her honor in the narrowest and deepest part of the iconic river. The statue is built on a narrow border of land and many believe that this area is one of the trickiest parts of the River Rhine since many have failed to navigate past it. The cruise at River Rhine is going to serve as a wholesome experience if you are accompanied by a sugar baby as you could visit numerous historic sites such as ancient castles while witnessing the lush vineyards on display. With an option to travel to multiple cities, cruising at River Rhine serves as the best option if you want to make love with your erotic date in multiple old yet lovely cities in the heart of Europe. Book your dates at numerous cruising services offered at River Rhine as there is no other experience that will offer you stunning views, thrilling tours, refreshing drinks, delicious cuisine along with a comfy room. The addition of an international escort in this plan makes it even more thrilling and now we will tell you the amazing things you could do with her while cruising at the River Rhine.

Why One Should Go on a Cruise at River Rhine

The biggest reason to cruise at the River Rhine with a beautiful babe is that it is going to be a romantic experience as there is no other river that gives romantic and pleasant vibes like the Rhine River. The river is considered by many as the source of many romantic stories and we hardly doubt it as who wouldn’t call an experienced romantic where you can witness mesmerizing views while enjoying chocolates and fine champagne with a romantic and gorgeous lady. Moreover, you will also be provided with chocolate-dipped fruit by the cruises to make your experience even more intimate. While you could romance every second of your time on the trip, don’t forget to view the amazing views of the castles offered by cruises at River Rhine as it is home to many ancient fortresses and castles. If you want to visit a castle, then make sure you visit the Marksburg Castle which is a majestic fortress and is the only hilltop structure which makes it even more unique. Moreover, it also has the distinction of being the only castle at river Rhine which has not been destroyed and didn’t suffer any damages due to any invasion or war. Today the castle serves as the headquarters for Germany’s castle association. If you want to visit the biggest castle on the River Rhine, then pay a visit to the Rheinfels castle which is one of the oldest castles of the continent. Unlike Marksburg, Rheinfels castle is in ruins as it was blown by the French Army in the 18th century yet you could still take a tour of the castle’s ground and imagine the might of the structure. If you are coming on a cruise at River Rhine, then you must enjoy a variety of wines with your adult companion in a vineyard country. While castles maybe a popular aspect of the river, the production of wine on the banks of the river has been going on since the time of the Romans and in modern times, more than half of Germany’s entire wine is produced at River Rhine. Imagine the options available in front of you when you will be standing in such vineyard as you could choose from exotic wines as well as the popular red and white wine all of them to be enjoyed in the comfy rooms of the cruises in the magnificent company of a gorgeous escort model. Furthermore, while traveling on Rhine cruises, you will have the chance of visiting multiple cities depending on the length of your stay. Apart from the finest city of Germany, Cologne, you and your girlfriend for the cruise can visit Basel (Switzerland), Strasbourg (France), and Amsterdam (Netherlands) along with many other cities that are regarded as most important historic cities of Europe.

Places Near River Rhine

If you are not going on a long tour with your international travel escort, then you can go to multiple places near the River Rhine. If you are looking for something eat, visit the Glashaus Restaurant which is known for its stylish décor, delicious food, and excellent service. Enjoy classical dishes while witnessing the River Rhine as the restaurant will give you a wholesome culinary experience. If you are not in the mood for food and want to party with your erotic eye candy, then head over to Flora nightclub where you can shake a leg to the beats of electro, pop, and rock music while enjoying a host of beers and cocktails.

Cruising with your international escort at river Rhine

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