Coolest hairstyles for men to attract women

Cool Hair Means More Chicks

Today, every guy is as concerned about his look to the female gender. Many believe that the key to capture the attention of other women is a perfect haircut! However, not everyone can rock every style which brings us to the question that which type of cut is best for men. A lot of factors come in to play in deciding the best cut for you and such factors include your body type, your hair type, and your dress style. If you are going on a date with an Escort Cologne and want to have a modern and fashionable haircut, then we bring you some tips to help you choose the best style for you. Every man wants to look fashionable on everyday basis and while he may have a wide range of clothes and shoes to select from that will help him grab the attention of a lot of women but there is one thing which has to look perfect daily but you could only have one hairstyle at a time. The haircut plays a key role in appearance apart from the dress. Adopting a fashionable hairstyle that suits you will help you make a lasting impression on the women you desire and will also make you feel good about yourself as it will give you a lot of confidence. The goal is to enhance your face even more in a way that will make you stand above the rest of the candidates she has. While some styles are more suited to long faces, others are more suited to the rounded ones. It is also better to adopt a hairstyle that fits your personality. In this write-up, we bring you the best modern hairstyles that will make you look fashionable as well as elegant giving you a look that every woman desires in a man.

Undercut cut: chic and classic

Although it is a classic, the undercut, which is also often called the footballer cup, remains very popular among men. Short behind and on the sides with a long lock styled back on the top, it will give you a chic look. Note that this type of cut comes in different forms with hair lengths that can vary both on the top as on the ears and the nape of the neck.

Short haircut: timeless and modern

Short haircuts not only have the advantage of being easier to care for since they won’t cause a hassle for you during the sweat in summer. A timeless and modern style that suits most types of faces. The length of the hair is two or three millimeters at most, but you can vary with the top of the head which will be a little bit longer.

Long hair: 100% volume

It’s no coincidence that more and more men are opting for longer hairstyles. They can experiment in different ways. For a look that is both cool and elegant, opt for the “bun”, a bun that pulls the entire hair to form a ball on the back while you can also detach your long hair. The current trend is to fold everything back and find a happy medium between too tidy and too neglected.

The Ball at Zero Cause Why Not?

Yes! The zero ball is a cut and it is very fashionable. Many personalities have already opted for this style, including actor Colin Farrell, famous Brazilian footballer Ronaldo and French rap star Soprano. Adopting this type of cut will allow you to appear taller, more manly, and stronger.

The wavy style: curly and stylish

Having wavy or curly hair is not at all a restriction. You can enhance your curls by leaving them half-long and drooping. The best solution to bring a cool and classy style to your hairstyle is to give it a cut close to the undercut, that is to say very short on the sides and the nape of the neck with a little more length on the top.

The addicted fashion: to take on your frizzy hair

You have frizzy hair, but you don’t know which cut to give it? Know that there are many choices available to you. Afro has been in fashion for a long time and still is today. Some simply prefer to let their medium-length hair lengthen and thicken for a more retro look of the 70s. Others will opt for a short and defined cut very trendy from the 80s.

Generation 90: the timeless fashion

Another ideal hairstyle for men, haircuts from the 90s is making a comeback with men like Johnny Depp of the great era or Zac Efron during the Golden Globes party. A style that appeals to young girls because it brings a little rebellious side but is very charming.

Hipster style but not too much!

It is a look that will attract a lot of female fans. The beard and hair combination is ideal for those who wish to adopt a chic and relaxed style. The hipster also makes it possible to lengthen the shape of the face through the volume of the hair. Your hairstyle should be chosen according to your beard. If you have a long beard, for example, we do not recommend long haircuts with too much volume on the top of your head.

How to find your hairstyle?


According to Facial Cut

One of the best ways to find the right haircut for men is to choose by facial shape. Cups with volume or bangs will suit the heart-shaped face to divert attention from the small chin while making the forehead symmetrical. Short haircuts are recommended for those who have an oblong or elongated figure as the reduction in the size of the forehead will be achieved while giving volume to the sides.

According to Your Dress Style

For a flawless look, your hairstyle must match your clothing style. If you often wear a tuxedo to go to work, we advise you to look for a cut for classy men while avoiding long loose hair. On the other hand, if you are the cool and scruffy type, you can adopt bolder cuts with volume.

Coolest hairstyles for men to attract women

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