6 best movies to watch with your GFE escort

6 best movies to watch with your GFE escort

The Pride of Germany

Cologne is a city which is known for many things throughout the world. From the famous River Rhine to the vibrant nightlife, you will find everything in this city which makes it a dreamland for all sorts of tourists. Apart from the lively atmosphere of the city, you will witness amazing aerial views or you could go shopping in one of the busiest street of Europe. While the city will offer you numerous entertainment options, you will still need a good company to roam this beautiful city. But it is a known fact that not everyone has a partner or someone who can spend quality time with. This is where Escort Cologne comes to rescue as they are top class women who will serve all your needs as they aim to make your trip to Germany one of the most amazing times of your life. These high-class women also offer GFE services so you could get a wholesome experience of what it feels to have a girlfriend in Cologne. To make your time more romantic in this beautiful city, we will tell you about six movies that you could watch with your GFE escort to set the mood for the rest of the evening.

The Best Sex Movies

Child games

This French film is a classic in the category of romantic films. Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet play the respective roles of Sophie and Julien, 2 childhood friends who go through a lot of events and grow up together. Their favorite game: Cap or not cap? yes but this game, they play it in real life. In short, you will be immersed for 1 hour 30 minutes in the heart of a beautiful love story that keeps juggling between love and play. So it will serve as a good choice if you are looking for something romantic yet casual to relax the environment. This will help you to talk to your escort if you are a shy person and it is a movie which is a favorite of everyone.

Meeting at Wicker Park

Matthew and Lisa (Josh Hartnett and Diane Kruger) love each other with immeasurable love. Nothing can separate them or disturb their intense passion. Yes, but one day Lisa suddenly disappears and it’s a real nightmare for Matthew. Years pass and the latter has, since the disappearance of his sweetheart, rebuilt his life with another whom he is about to propose in marriage. One day, he thinks he sees Lisa and this vision haunts him so much that he starts looking for him without further delay except that Alex (Rose Byrne) does not see things this way and intends to let people know. This movie deals with a lot of emotion when it comes to sex but watching it with your date will make you feel blessed that you are in the company of such a beautiful lady with whom you will have no feelings attached.

Top Gun

An old film which nevertheless remains timeless, Tom Cruise puts himself in the shoes of Pete Mitchell aka “Maverick”, a young and talented fighter jet pilot from the American naval elite. Maverick quickly falls under the spell of the attractive Charlie but he remains however very disturbed by a tragic accident. Apart from the stellar cast and cinematography of the film, Top Gun is known for its performances as well as the soundtrack of the film which added more liveliness in the movie by complimenting the plot perfectly.

Dirty Dancing

The chances of you hearing about this movie or maybe having seen it are quite high, but the movie remains must watch with your paid date. The story takes place in the 60s, Baby (Jennifer Gray) leaves with her family in a holiday village. Rather wise and discreet, it turns out that she will quickly succumb to the charm of Johnny (Patrick Swayze), a rebel “bad boy” who respects nothing. Thanks to him, Baby will let go through dance scenes all as sensual as each other. Chills guaranteed! This movie is another classic in the long list of movies that will romantically charm but this movie also includes a dance theme that will channel the inner dancer in you so keep this movie in mind if you are interested in dance. Moreover, if you want to be tough in front of your partner, you could also pick some tips from the movie that will help your cause.

PS I Love You

Prepare the tissues because your partner might shed a few tears (and maybe you too). This movie will serve as an elite entertainment option if you want to take things steadily. Holly and Jerry (Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler) live the perfect love. No shadow on the board, or almost … Jerry dies suddenly and Holly finds himself alone overnight. But since Jerry knew his wife better than anyone, he had planned this horrible event by writing several letters in advance to Holly. The cause of these letters? Help her get through this period and regain a taste for life, then turn the page on this magnificent love story. A bottle of fine wine will be a good addition to your movie time

The Notebook

Allie (Rachel McAdams), suffering from Alzheimer’s, lives in a retirement home. Noah (Ryan Gosling) takes care of him to read him one and the same book every day in which Allie has written down every detail of her beautiful and tumultuous love affair with Noah. After World War II, Allie had to marry a wealthy lawyer, but as soon as she discovered in the newspaper that Noah had returned, the two lovers met and loved each other as on the first day. Despite this separation, their feelings are the same if not even stronger. This blockbuster is a movie that will be etched in your minds once you see it due to the plot and the captivating performances of McAdams and especially Gosling which elevated the movie to such heights on the screen.

5 best movies to watch with your GFE escort

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