Which body type is most appreciated by men

The Mystery of the Perfect Body

While people may say that the face or the heart of the person attracts another human being, there are many who refute this claim as for them body is the first preference. These people have a specific type of body that they like and claim that the opposite gender looks fine in that specific body type. While it is a known fact that women prefer men with an athletic physique over the traditional men with curvy body. While women may have their demands and preferences, the preference of men is a curvy body when it comes to the shape of their partner. That is why there is a huge fan base of female celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Mariah Carey over other celebrities. While everyone dreams of a healthy and desirable body, there are a lot of things that come in to play when it comes to preference as some men like their women curvy while some like them skinny and delicate. Cultural reasons also come in play when deciding the perfect body type of the female gender as Asian men would like his partner to be thin while Western men would like his woman thick. While there may be different [references due to cultural factors, there is one body type that is appreciated by most men. In this write-up, we will explore different factors that lead up to men deciding the perfect body type of their ideal woman while also discussing other features of the female gender that makes them attract men. There is a difference when it comes to one woman getting in shape and her routine to get the best body might not be ideal for another woman if she has a different image of the ideal body. Well if you haven’t found a woman with the perfect body type then why don’t you hire a beautiful Escort Cologne who comes in all shapes and sizes that will leave you stunned.

The Perfect Hourglass Figure is Irresistible

Well, every man might have different preference when it comes to the body type that attracts them the most, research has found that men are more likely to prefer women who are curvy and has an hourglass figure as compared to any other body type of women. You will find a lot of men who are with ladies who are thin and delicate but if you asked them what will they prefer, the answer will be “a woman with an hourglass figure”. Such is the demand of such curvy ladies but that brings us to the question that what is an hourglass figure. An important factor that comes to play in the hourglass figure is the decisive ratio of the waist to the hip which defines the ideal proportion of men from all over the world. Again, this depends on the men what ratio he prefers but according to a study held in the United States of America, the ideal value of the ratio is around 0.7. That means: the waist value is 70 cm and the hip circumference is 100 cm. Many people wonder why such a high proportion of men prefer to have a partner who has a curvy figure. Well, there may be various reasons but one of the most common reasons that come to one’s mind is the attractiveness that brings with it. Men have claimed that the shape looks perfect than any other body type because the eyes of men could feast on the holy trinity all at once. The holy trinity of the female figure consists of large breasts, narrow hips, and bigger hips. While all these three things highly attract every type of male, some studies have suggested that this figure has become a drug for many men who have become obsessive with the hourglass figure. Another reason why men prefer the hourglass figure in women is due to the belief that the shape of their partner gives them confidence especially males with lower incomes who see the attractiveness and the beauty of their partner as their real asset to deal with their insecurity of not being rich. The confidence of a man with a partner that has an hourglass figure will be much higher than the one who’s a partner has a different body type. Such significance of the figure has made it the body type which is most desired by men. Another study found out that men who prefer hourglass figures are considered to be more demanding and strong personalities as compared to men who like other body types. While everyone may be different when it comes to personalities, but there is no denying that the male gender likes to take the lead and be more of a leader, so researchers have claimed that due to this characteristics, there are a lot of men who claim that the hourglass figure is the perfect body type of female gender.

Other Features That Make Women Attractive

High pitched voice

Men are reported to like high pitched voices in men according to a study in California as high voice is associated with youthfulness and fertility.

Long arms

Up until now we always thought that men prefer women with long legs – but that’s not the case! Researchers in a study found that women with long arms are found more attractive than women with long legs. In Germany, scientists had shown videos of beautiful and attractive models to more than 90 men, after which an attractive feature should be mentioned. The majority of them went with long arms.

Healthy hair

A survey by a US online magazine among several thousand men showed that men love strong and shiny hair in women. While they prioritize health, the length and color of the hair don’t matter to many men. Men see full hair as a sign of health and fertility. Incidentally, there is a very specific combination of hair and eye color that men find irresistible.

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